PHP and MySQL Training Course

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PHP and MySQL Training Course

Course Code: hsts-c11

What is included in this course

Course Overview

This PHP MySQL training course provides you with hands-on practice using PHP with MySQL scripting language for web developers. Web developers will learn the fundamentals of PHP, its data types, control structure, operators and arrays.

Course Prerequisites

We recommended that students have a working understanding of coding in HTML, web form layout, SQL and relational database programming. Students must have a good working knowledge of computers, operating systems, using a mouse, keyboard, standard menus and commands. Students must be able to open, save, and close applications, files, as well as navigate to other folders.

Job Roles For This Course

Web Developers
PHP Developers

Projects Using this Course

Designing Applications
Creating Dynamic Web pages

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Course Outline

Topics Covered in this Course

1. Introduction to PHP
Basic Syntax
Sending Data to the Web Browser
Writing Comments
What Are Variables?
Introducing Strings
Concatenating Strings
Introducing Numbers
Introducing Constants
Single vs. Double Quotation Marks
Basic Debugging Steps
Review and Pursue

2. Programming with PHP
Creating an HTML Form
Handling an HTML Form
Conditionals and Operators
Validating Form Data
Introducing Arrays
For and While Loops
Review and Pursue

3. Creating Dynamic Web Sites
Including Multiple Files
Handling HTML Forms, Revisited
Making Sticky Forms
Creating Your Own Functions
Review and Pursue

4. Introduction to MySQL
Naming Database Elements
Choosing Your Column Types
Choosing Other Column Properties
Accessing MySQL
Review and Pursue

5. Introduction to SQL
Creating Databases and Tables
Inserting Records
Selecting Data
Using Conditionals
Sorting Query Results
Limiting Query Results
Updating Data
Deleting Data
Using Functions
Review and Pursue

6. Database Design
Creating Indexes
Using Different Table Types
Languages and MySQL
Time Zones and MySQL
Foreign Key Constraints
Review and Pursue

7. Advanced SQL and MySQL
Performing Joins
Grouping Selected Results
Advanced Selections
Performing FULLTEXT Searches
Optimizing Queries
Performing Transactions
Database Encryption
Review and Pursue

8. Error Handling and Debugging
Error Types and Basic Debugging
Displaying PHP Errors
Adjusting Error Reporting in PHP
Creating Custom Error Handlers
PHP Debugging Techniques
SQL and MySQL Debugging Techniques
Review and Pursue

9. Using PHP with MySQL
Modifying the Template
Connecting to MySQL
Executing Simple Queries
Retrieving Query Results
Ensuring Secure SQL
Counting Returned Records
Updating Records with PHP
Review and Pursue

10. Common Programming Techniques
Sending Values to a Script
Using Hidden Form Inputs
Editing Existing Records
Paginating Query Results
Making Sortable Displays
Review and Pursue

The following topics may be included at the discretion of your instructor.

11. Web Application Development
Sending Email
Handling File Uploads
PHP and JavaScript
Understanding HTTP Headers
Date and Time Functions
Review and Pursue

12. Cookies and Sessions
Making a Login Page
Defining the Login Functions
Using Cookies
Using Sessions
Improving Session Security
Review and Pursue

13. Security Methods
Preventing Spam
Validating Data by Type
Validating Files by Type
Preventing XSS Attacks
Using the Filter Extension
Preventing SQL Injection Attacks
Review and Pursue

14. Perl-compatible Regular Expressions
Creating a Test Script
Defining Simple Patterns
Using Quantifiers
Using Character Classes
Finding All Matches
Using Modifiers
Matching and Replacing Patterns
Review and Pursue

15. Introducing jQuery
What is jQuery?
Incorporating jQuery
Using jQuery
Selecting Page Elements
Event Handling
DOM Manipulation
Using Ajax
Review and Pursue

16. An OOP Primer
Fundamentals and Syntax
Working with MySQL
The DateTime Class
Review and Pursue

17. Example- Message Board
Making the Database
Writing the Templates
Creating the Index Page
Creating the Forum Page
Creating the Thread Page
Posting Messages
Review and Pursue

18. Example- User Registration
Creating the Templates
Writing the Configuration Scripts
Creating the Home Page
Activating an Account
Logging In and Logging Out
Password Management
Review and Pursue

19. Example- E-Commerce
Creating the Database
The Administrative Side
Creating the Public Template
The Product Catalog
The Shopping Cart
Recording the Orders
Review and Pursue

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