Cross-Platform Native Mobile App Development Workshop

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Workshop Overview

In HSTS's Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Using PhoneGap Build and jQuery Mobile training workshop, students will use PhoneGap Build and jQuery Mobile to create mobile applications that can be published to iOS, Android and Windows 8 smartphones. In this hands-on course, students build upon HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript fundamentals and learn by creating, packaging and delivering an App. Topics covered in HSTS's Cross-Platform Mobile App development include:

  • Review of HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript
  • Using jQuery Mobile
  • Working with PhoneGap Build APIs
  • Packaging and delivering a Cross-Platform Mobile App

Workshop Prerequisites

The following HSTS classes or working knowledge in all topics covered in these outlines:
Beginner Website Design Using HTML and CSS
Responsive Website Design Using Advanced HTML5 and CSS3
JavaScript and jQuery Introduction (optional)
Advance JavaScript, jQuery Using JSON and Ajax (optional)

Job Roles For This Workshop

Web Developers
Mobile Game Developers

Projects Using This Workshop

Creating Mobile Apps for iOs, Android, and Windows 8 Smartphones using one codebase

Related Training and Workshops

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Workshop Info


  • 6 hour hands-on training led by experienced instructors
  • Digital workshop contents

Enrollment Fee

In-person in DC for $390 or Online for $290 per 6 hour workshop

Workshop Session Dates

Our workshops are offered all year around. Upon registration we enroll you to the earliest available class but you can reschedule it free of charge. Location

  • Online or in our DC office at 3165 Mt Pleasant St NW


  • Saturdays 9AM-4:30PM (1 hour Lunch)
  • Weekdays 6:30PM-9:30 PM

Workshop Outline

1. Marking up Text
More Content Elements
Organizing Page Content
The Inline Element Roundup
Generic Elements (div and span)
Some Special Characters
Putting It All Together
Element Review: Text

2. Adding Links
The href Attribute
Linking to Pages on the Web
Linking Within Your Own Site
Targeting a New Browser Window
Mail Links
Telephone Links
Element Review: Links

3. Forms
How Forms Work
The form Element
Variables and Content
The Great Form Control Round-up
Form Accessibility Features
Form Layout and Design
Element Review: Forms

4. Cascading Style Sheets Orientation
The Benefits of CSS
How Style Sheets Work
The Big Concepts
Moving Forward with CSS

5. Formatting Text
The Font Properties
Changing Text Color
A Few More Selector Types
Text Line Adjustments
Underlines and Other “Decorations”
Changing Capitalization
Spaced Out
Text Shadow
Changing Lists Bullets and Numbers
CSS Review: Font and Text Properties

6. Colors and Backgrounds
Specifying Color Values
Foreground Color
Background Color
Playing with Opacity
Attribute Selectors
Background Images
The Shorthand background Property
Finally, External Style Sheets
CSS Review: Color and Background Properties

The following topics may be included at the discretion of your instructor.

7. Cross Platform App Development with HTML5
HTML5/CSS3/Javascript and Responsive Layout for Apps Overview
The Role of Cordova/PhoneGap Libraries
Building a Simple Mobile App with Phone Gap Build

8. Using a jQuery Mobile Framework for Rapid App Development
Structure of a jQuery Mobile App
jQuery Mobile Elements: Pages, Buttons, Lists
jQuery Mobile APIs: Change Page

9. Working with PhoneGap APIs- Accessing Cross Platform
Internal Mobile Device Capabilities with APIs

Accelerometer Object and Methods
Compass Object and Methods
Geolocation Object and Methods
Media Object and Methods
Camera Object and Methods
Storage Object and Methods
Files Object and Methods
Contacts Object and Methods
Capture Object and Methods

10. Packaging and Delivering a Cross-Platform App
Packaging the App
Icons, splash screen and app configuration
Configuring meta tags for proper viewing

Register this workshop-$290 online or $390 in DC class

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