A Few Words About Us

Our future lies in the hands of students and teenagers. Educating a teenager is equivalent to educating a family and that in turn is equivalent to educating the whole society.

We strive to provide the highest quality Information Technology services to underprivileged high schools and teenagers through contributions and donations from a variety of sources. From creating websites to building computer labs, from offering counseling sessions to designing preparation programs, we aim to provide an assortment of services to support the dreams of these teenagers, their parents and the schools.

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We are committed to enhancing parent-teacher-student interactions, improving student performance, and ultimately sending unprivileged students to college.

Our Volunteers

We are dedicated to improving the quality of high school students' life and schools' performance via execution of information technology best practices.

HSTS board
Our Board

We are setting goals, envisioning the future and putting in place strong strategies and plans that ensure the continuing success of our organization.

Our Instructors

Matt Orfalea

Matt makes a wide range of comedic, educational, and music videos on Youtube (youtube.com/Orf).

Matt’s journalistic work has been featured on The Young Turks, RT, and Truthdig. He’s gotten Twitter love for his videos from both famous rappers (Killer Mike) and politicians (Senator Nina Turner) alike! And his videos have been viewed millions of times on youtube and over 100 million times on Facebook.

Matt’s been a professional video editor for over 10 years and worked on many network television shows including 4 seasons of “The Real World” on MTV. He’s also an expert animator, whose credits include projects for both actor Jim Carey’s JC23 Productions and the popular youtuber Shane Dawson.

Matt was also a freelance videography for many years in LA before moving back to his hometown of Washington, DC. He loves the craft of storytelling through sound and images and over the years he’s taught all ages from 5 yr olds to 50 yr olds!


Matt Zand

Matt has over 6 years of experience in back-end coding. He has developed more than 20 custom websites and mobile Apps. He is the founder of myhsts.org and dcwebmakers.com

Mr. Zand has designed many large scale MySQL databases with over 100 tables. Below are some of his portfolio:


Mike Ferrari

Mike a Bostonian living in DC for a couple of years now. He likes to keep himself moving by playing soccer and basketball. He is a software developer, with over 5 years experience programming in HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap,
JavaScript, and jQuery. Below are links to his personal websites and portfolios.





Youssef Azmy

Youssef Azmy is an aspiring digital marketer. He brings vast knowledge to the digital marketing space with a specialization in PPC. Having worked with big brands such as Coca-Cola and Microsoft as well as small and medium size businesses, he knows how to work with both small and big budgets. He is also Google AdWords and Google Analytic certified.



Our Mission and Values

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide high schools with resources and facilities to foster student-teacher interactions and parent-teacher relationships to improve student performance and high school efficiency.

  • Tangible Impacts: We believe in sincere and selfless contributions to improve the quality of education and youth life.
  • Simplicity: We agree with what Leonardo De Vinci says "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."
  • Honesty: We hold honesty in high regard because only true work can have a real impact.
  • Kindness: We sincerely believe in the power of goodness and kindness as Mark Twain put it "Kindness is a language that the deaf can hear and the blind can see."
  • Genuine Friendship: We are genuinely committed to educating all students regardless of their age, nationality, gender, race, and background.