Our Service Terms and Policies

By using HSTS services, you agree to abide by our terms, policies, and conditions as mentioend in the following sections.

Computer Training Terms

I- Open Enrollment
I.a. Tuition Payment

All classes or workshops are confirmed upon registration via purchase order, check or credit card. A course or workshop fee must be paid in full prior to the start date of a class or workshop.

I.b. Reschedule, Cancellation and Refund

  1. If you cancel more than 2 weeks prior to class or workshop, you are eligible for a reschedule or refund.
  2. If you cancel less than 2 weeks prior to class or workshop, you are only eligible for a reschedule.
  3. If you do contact us and do not attend class or workshop, you are only eligible for a reschedule to the next available class or workshop date.

I.c. Attendance Requirements
In order to qualify for our certificate of completion, a student must attend at least 80% of our course sessions and successfully complete hands-on exercises as well as the final project (if applicable).

II- On-Site Training
II.a. Payments
The half of total payment is due before the class start date and the rest will be due 15 days prior to the final class date.

II.b. Reschedule, Cancellation and Refund

  1. If you cancel more than 2 weeks prior to class, you are eligible for a reschedule or refund.
  2. If you cancel less than 2 weeks prior to class, you are only eligible for a reschedule or refund after 20% cancellation fee deduction.
  3. Any cancellation made on or after the first class date is subject to no refund or rescheduling.

III- Custom/Private Tutoring
III.a. Payments
The total payment for each session is due at least one day before the that session date. Thus, you pay as sessions go.

III.b. Reschedule, Cancellation and Refund
All payments are final without rescheduling or refund option.

IV- Service Delivery Release
Any participant and/or student (both individual and company) holds us, our managers, staff, and any individual or entity (directly or indirectly) who works with us, harmless against claims, complaints, or legal actions regarding their engagement in our training services. Likewise, all participants and learners release us from our rendered services for factors including without limitation quality, timeliness, quantity and/or pertinence. Without limiting the foregoing, we reserve the right to alter, update, or add our terms and policies at our sole discretion. Any dispute which arises out of and/or related to cases not included herein, shall be construed and judged based on the governing laws of the District of Columbia.

Computer Training Policies, Rules and Waiver

High School Technology Services (HSTS) in collaboration with other organizations such as venue providers offer the students and its program participants or collectively "Users" access to the Internet through the classroom and provide them with computer training lessons.

The HSTS sole intent in providing access to the Internet and computer training is to further educational knowledge and information technology competency of Users. The HSTS respects the right of each User and parent to decide whether or not the User will be permitted to enroll into our computer training program. In order for the User to use computer training lessons provided by the HSTS, the parents or User (if s/he is 18 year old or above at the time of enrollment) must understand and consent with the following Computer Training Agreement, Waiver, and Release (herein “Agreement”). This Agreement will be valid as long as the User is enrolled at our program.

Conditions and Rules of Use

  1. Dress Code
    While attending our classes, all Users are required to dress professionally similar to their school or college dress code.

  2. Noise Level
    Before, during, and after course sessions, Users must stay quiet and keep personal conversations to a minimum and at a low volume. In addition, no playing music via headset is allowed.

  3. Drinking, Editing, and Cleaning
    While being in the building or classroom, eating and/or drinking strictly prohibited for all Users unless specifically permitted by instructors. Also, Users are required to keep the classroom and building neat.

  4. Laptop & Laptop Charger
    All Users are required to bring their own laptop. Also, it's recommended for Users to charge their laptop at home and plug their laptop to classroom's power outlet only if it's necessary.

  5. Personal Belongings
    Users (while being in the building or classroom) must not leave the personal belongings unattended. HSTS and office space tenants shall not be responsible or liable for any items left unattended in the facility.

  6. Teacher Communications
    Outside the classroom, all the communications (including course-related questions, materials, or assignments) with teachers must be done via teacher designated email.

  7. Permissible Hours
    Users are only allowed to be in the building areas (including the main entrance of the building) or classroom during classroom hours. Users are required to come at least 15 minutes prior to their class time and stay at the main entrance of the building. The Program Coordinator shall lead the Users to the classroom 10 minutes before the class time if needed.

  8. Permissible Location
    Users are only allowed to stay in the classroom before, during, and after the class sessions. When coming to the building, Users should stay at the main entrance of building (without blocking the entrance door) and wait for the Program Coordinator. Users must be accompanied by our Program Coordinator for entering and exiting the building if needed.

  9. Guest & Family Members
    No User's guest or family members is allowed in the building or classroom.

  10. Use of Cell phones & Social Media
    While being in the classroom, Users are not allowed to use their cell phones (except being on vibrate) or surf social media like Facebook.

  1. Other Rules
    1- Users are not allowed to change the classroom or office space settings unless specifically permitted otherwise, 2- No printing machine will be available in the classrooms, 3- While being out of classroom, Users should respect other tenants in the building, 4- While using the internet, Users must surf safely and avoid visiting WebPages that have no relevance to the course materials, 5- No downloading or uploading of large volumes of files, streaming video, etc which diminishes the bandwidth available for all internet users in the classroom is allowed.

Violation of any of the foregoing conditions and rules of use shall be grounds for immediate termination of Users from our program. The HSTS shall have the ownership right to all data and/or contents designed and developed by Users or submitted to us as a part of program assignment and/or course projects.

Furthermore, Users who attend our programs are occasionally asked to be a part of our publicity, publications and/or public relations activities which may use (but not limited to) the Users' name, picture, work, voice, verbal statements, or portraits (video or still) to appear in HSTS publicity or HSTS publications, videos or on the HSTS's applications (now known and/or to be discovered in the future). For example, pictures and articles about HSTS activities may appear in newspapers, our social media pages, or publications. These pictures and articles may or may not personally identify the Users. The pictures, videos, and artwork may be used by the HSTS in subsequent years.


By enrolling and attending HSTS-run courses and classes, I hereby consent to the above conditions and rules of use and I agree I will take no legal action, now or in the future, against the HSTS, its Board of Directors, officers, administrators, teachers, employees, agents, and volunteers caused by, or resulting from my access to the Internet and/or taking computer training lessons. I hereby release the HSTS from any liability, whatsoever which may arise as a direct or indirect result of my engagement in the program. I understand that I am responsible for any updating of status from my original status and for informing the HSTS of any change of parental/guardian computer training permission. Furthermore, Users and parent/guardian release to HSTS the Users' name, voice, verbal statements, class assignment(s), portraits (video or still), pictures and artwork and consent to their use on behalf of HSTS for publicity purposes.

Course Cancellation or Rescheduling Request

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