Designing Rich Internet Applications Using HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery- Beginner Level

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Designing Rich Internet Applications Using HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery- Beginner Level

Course Code: hsts-c23

What is included in this course

Course Description

This hands-on course is intended for experienced Web designers and developers who wish to exploit HTML5 and jQuery to create feature-rich, dynamic Web sites. The course provides a thorough introduction into the use of HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery to create Web sites that target the capabilities of modern browsers. HTML5 includes new structural and form elements, implementation of audio and video elements, and intrinsic APIs that offer features such as determining user location, Web storage, and dynamic creation of graphics using Canvas. CSS3 introduces new selectors and properties, creation of drop shadows, text shadows, rounded corners and gradient backgrounds without the use of an image editor, as well as simple animated effects without the use of JavaScript or Flash.

jQuery simplifies client-side scripting via a series of open-source libraries that provide frameworks for enhanced functionality. The course covers the jQuery library, DOM manipulation, Ajax requests, and an overview of the UI library. Comprehensive hands on exercises are integrated throughout to reinforce learning and develop real competency.

This course includes an introduction into the new features provided by HTML5 and CSS3. Those already familiar with HTML5 and CSS3 should register for the jQuery Programming course. Students who are not familiar with HTML, CSS and JavaScript should instead register for the courses Website Development with HTML5, CSS and Bootstra and JavaScript Programming followed by the jQuery Programming course.

You will learn:

Course Prerequisites

Knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript equivalent to attending the HTML5 & HTML Intro with CSS or Responsive Site Design with Bootstrap and jQuery Programming for Beginners or JavaScript and jQuery Introduction Programming classes. Knowledge of jQuery is helpful, but not required.

Follow-up Courses

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Course Outline

Topics Covered in this Course

1- HTML5 Fundamentals

  • Overview of HTML5
  • Comparing HTML5 to XHTML
  • Changes to Existing Tags
  • Deprecated Elements and Attributes
  • Browser Support
  • Modernizr JavaScript Library
  • HTML5 Shiv and Polyfills

2- HTML5 Structural Elements

  • New Block-Level Semantic Elements
    • <header>
    • <footer>
    • <section>
    • <article>
    • <nav>
    • <aside>
    • <figure> and <figcaption>
  • New Text-Level Semantic Elements
    • <time>
    • <meter>
    • <details>
    • <summary>
    • <mark>
  • Creating a Document Outline

3- Audio and Video

  • Browser Support for Audio/Video Formats
    • Supplying Fallbacks
  • <audio> and <video>Elements
  • <source> Element
  • Media Element API and Events
    • Creating Your Own Control Panel
    • Effecting the Volume and Playback Rate

4- HTML5 Web Forms

  • New Form Attributes
    • autocomplete
    • novalidate
  • New Input Attributes
    • autofocus
    • form
  • New Form Elements
    • <datalist>
    • <progress>
  • New Input Elements
    • email
    • url
    • tel
    • search
  • Form Validation
    • pattern and required Attributes

5- HTML5 JavaScript APIs

  • Web Storage API
    • Local Storage
    • Session Storage
  • Geolocation API

6- HTML5 Canvas API

  • <canvas> Element
  • Comparing Canvas and SVG
  • Using the Canvas API
    • Drawing Basic and Complex Shapes
    • Setting Colors and Styles
    • Adding Text to the Canvas
    • Adding Images to the Canvas
    • Allowing the User to Draw on the Canvas
    • Saving the Canvas

7- Introduction to CSS3

  • What's New in CSS3?
  • Benefits of Using CSS3
  • Browser Support
  • Vendor Prefixes

8- CSS3 Selectors and Pseudo-Classes

  • New Attribute Selectors
    • "Starts With" Selector
    • "Ends With" Selector
    • "Contains" Selector
  • Selecting the nth Element
  • Selecting the nth of a Type

9- CSS3 Properties

  • Using @font-face to Add Custom Fonts
  • Changing the Opacity of Text and Images
  • Creating Rounded Corners, Adding Shadows to Boxes, and Using Images as Borders
  • Creating Multiple Columns for Laying Out Text
  • Working with RGBA and HSL Color Models
  • Creating Simple Animations Using transitions, transform, and animation

10- jQuery Fundamentals

  • Overview of jQuery
  • Downloading and Using jQuery library
  • Benefits of Using jQuery
  • Uses of the jQuery function

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