Programming and Non-programming Courses and Workshops

  • Would you be interested in pursuing a career in the field of information technology?

  • Do you know how to put the power and magic of coding into actions?

  • Would you like to polish your programming skills and stand out against other candidates?

Building an application using common programming languages such as HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL and JavaScript is an essential 21st-century skill. Virtually every industry, from design to journalism to marketing, now requires professionals to work closely with technical teams. The skills you learn in our courses or workshops will allow you to make edits and updates to your application (like websites or mobile Apps) and communicate more effectively with technical stakeholders, giving you a competitive advantage.

Our practical courses and workshops are designed to teach students how to translate their ideas into functional, stylized applications for personal or business purposes. You will learn how to design and build an application that leverages the principles of user-centric design and will master the technical vocabulary required to communicate your ideas to others.

Majority of our courses and workshops do not require any technical background or any knowledge of coding. Therefore a wide range of people such as designers, bloggers, entrepreneurs, project managers, or students are welcomed to take our classes or workshops.

The following are the list of our courses and Workshops:

Coding Bootcamps

We offer coding bootcamps for adults and high school students. For adults, we offer both part-time and full-time classes. For high school students, classes are offered in summer in 5 weeks from the first week of July to the second week of August. Our coding bootcamp comes with affordable flexible payment plans. Give us a call at 202-420-9192 to learn more.

Below are our summer 2018 bootcamp schedule for high school students:

Website design bootcamp (Register Now or Call 202-420-9192)
Length: 240 hours
Start date: July 2ed, 2018
End date: August 3rd, 2018
Schedule: Monday-Saturday: 9am-6 pm for five weeks (one make-up session on Sunday for 4th of July). There is 48 hours of training each week.
Fee: $7,500
Location: 3165 Mt Pleasant St NW, DC- just 2 blocks from Columbia Height metro station.

Software Engineering with Java (Register Now or Call 202-420-9192)
Length: 180 hours
Start date: July 2ed, 2018
End date: August 3rd, 2018
Schedule: Monday-Friday: 9am-6 pm for five weeks. There is 40 hours of training for first 4 weeks followed by 20 hours of training on the last week.
Fee: $7,500
Location: 3165 Mt Pleasant St NW, DC- just 2 blocks from Columbia Height metro station.

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Private and Custom Tutoring

We provide private tutoring classes on our DC site or at your preferred location with custom curriculum for almost all of our classes for $50 per hour online or $70 per hour in DC. Give us a call or submit our private tutoring registration form to discuss your needs.

Virtual Classroom Training

All of our courses and workshops are available via our virtual classroom training service. By combining our instructor-led classroom training classes with the latest remote face-to-face technology from WebEx, students anywhere in the world can join our instructor-led live classes remotely!

Harness the ability to engage live with the instructor and other students in the classroom for the same high quality Instructor training experience while enjoying additional convenience!

Course materials and course assignments will be available via our website and our Github page respectively. A headset with a microphone is needed. Sharing of student's computer screen may be requested during class. If you do not have the software for the class being taught, you can download the free trial versions whenever it is possible. It is recommended that you have 2 monitors set up so that you can follow the instructor on one, and be practicing the exercises on the other. High-speed internet connection required. Audio and video technologies are handled through the WebEx meeting.

All members of the class will be able to converse with an experienced instructor, as well as each other, for the duration of the class. This is the single most affordable and convenient way to attend a live, interactive training class led by a seasoned instructor.

Program Terms and Policies

You can go to our Terms and Policies page to review our terms and policies for cancellation, rescheduling, and refund.