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Coding and Technology Training Feedback

We have proudly trained more than 100 students since 2015. Below is a snapshot of our students' testimonials. Go here if you like to review our instructors' bios.

The Adwords workshop was great! The presentation was thorough and well put together. The instructor (Youssef) is very knowledgable about the subject and patient. I got a lot of value out of it.
Because it was a small class I got a lot of 1on1 time with Youssef which made it even better.
Great value! I would definitely recommended this workshop to anyone needing to get to know more about Adwords.

Jubee Vilceus from DC- Google AdWords and Google Analytics Workshop

I had the pleasure of sitting in on a portion of two HSTS classes. I found the instructors very qualified and their interaction with the students excellent. I look forward to being a participant in future classes.

Ken Kenworthy from DC- Google AdWords Workshop and HTML5 mobile App training class

The SQL workshop covered essential information in building a foundation to what data structures are and the creating process. Along with coding it gave comfort by providing alternative ways to build a database with or without command line. Supportive group and overall a good learning experience.

Katherine Cruz from DC- SQL programming and database management training workshop

I learned a lot during this one-day training. The Instructor has the knowledge and skill to get the job done.

Fahad Hashmi from VA- Object-oriented programming training workshop

High School Technology Services saved me from paying thousands on bootcamps(of which I didn't have the money for) the class lessons are well-thought-out to get you going in the direction you need to go to start a new career or a new hobby. I am thankful that I found HSTS. Many thanks!

Nicholas Rivera from VA- Object-oriented programming & private tutoring training

The C class was good. I learned a lot and this definitely got me started on my journey. Plus I left the class with resources to continue my study. Juan is a great teacher and seemed like he really cared about my future and where skills in computer programming might take me. It was good to feel that.

Samuel Moore from MD- C programming training course

I thought both classes were great. I knew enough about the programs beforehand so jumping in I didn't need much. The instructor did a perfect job of filling in the missing gaps that I did not know. Even learned a few much more advanced techniques which I am always grateful for.

Dalton DeBellotte from NY- Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effect training workshop

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