Our IT Services

We provide schools and individuals with three IT services

Website and Mobile Application Development

Through our partnership with DC Web Makers, we provide high schools with website and mobile application development services. These websites and applications will enhance the productivity of students, teachers, and schools as a whole by improving course-related communications and allowing students to easily find, schedule, and engage in school activities. These Apps will also allow parents to track students' school activities and progress. Likewise, we offer similiar services to individuals as wellas private and non-profit companies.

Computer, Coding, and Technology Training

We provide computer programming classes to enhance students’ STEM expertise (Learn why ladies need coding). The skills-based curriculum will cover the fundamental computer programming and IT skills necessary to pursue further education and a career in the IT industry.
These courses will be led by local IT practitioners to ensure that the latest and most critical technologies are taught, giving students the foundation to further develop their computer skills.

Computer Lab Management

We assist high schools in setting up and managing their computer labs. This will help improve the academic performance of students in two ways: 1- It will allow teachers to be more efficient by adopting technology in their classrooms. and 2- It will allow students to proactively learn and practice course materials by using online research tools.

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