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Online Self-learning Classes

Unlike other schools and online sites that offer courses with theoretical topics, multi-choice grading and graduation-based certifications, we only offer hands-on project-based training. The practical skills you learn from our online self-paced courses will prepare you for technical interviews.

Whether you are looking for a change of career, sharpen your coding skills, or start a new entrepreneurial endeavor, our hands self-learning courses are designed to exceed your expectations. Indeed, in many ways, self-paced training outperforms in-person or live instructor classes. Read 9 reasons why self-paced training outperforms traditional platformsto learn more.
We offer two categories of self-paced training:

I- Essential IT Training
This category covers essential IT training topics. For $290 monthly subscription, you can have access to 300+ hours of hands-on project-based training covering courses in web development, blockchain, software engineering, and system admin. See below for the list of topics covered. Register Now
II- Enterprise-level IT Training
This category includes 200+ hours of enterprise-level IT training covering topics such as containers (Kubernetes & Docker), Microservices, DevOps, Cloud Computing (OpenStack or Serverless Framework), Big Data (Hadoop and Spark) and Restful API for $390 monthly subscription. Click here to learn more. Register Now
Also, for those interested in taking this training via our Online Live Instructor or in-person classes, we offer a 180 hour immersive bootcamp. Visit Design, deploy and manage enterprise cloud infrastructures page for details.

Online self-learning program highlights

All of our course contents are developed and rigorously tested by industry experts with a master degree from top USA-based universities and 15+ years of industry experience.

As one of the leading technical training providers, we have surveyed many technical recruiters and IT companies to find out what coding skills they are looking for and we have incorporated their needs and feedback into our courses. Our ideal students have zero to intermediate knowledge of coding.
The below 4 sample scenarios demonstrate why our self-paced training program works:

  1. A student goes to a coding school for web development and pays almost $12k tuition, yet after graduation he can not build and finish a custom website for a client from scratch.
  2. A college student takes web development course in school, yet after graduation he has hard time designing a custom website for a client from scratch.
  3. A student takes free web development courses online and learns all HTML tags and coding syntax, yet he does not know how to put them together in an actual web project.
  4. A junior programmer at a technology company is given a web design project. Although, she knows web development very well, she is not familiar with the project JS framework. So she is just looking for a short intense training to learn only one specific JS framework to finish her job-related project.

For $290 monthly subscription, you can have access to 300+ hours of hands-on project-based training covering courses in web development, blockchain, software engineering, and system admin. See below for the list of topics covered. Register Now

Student loans

In partnership with Climb Credit Company, we offer loans to our USA-based students. These loans are only applied to our self-paced training classes. Click here to learn more and apply.

Topics covered in our Essential IT training

Web Design and Development
JavaScript and jQuery
MEAN Stack (MongoDB, Express.JS, Angular.JS and Node.JS)
Bootstrap User Interface design
Blockchain Architect and Engineering
Intro to Blockchain technology and its use cases
Intro to Solidity programming
Develop blockchain applications with Ethereum
Develop blockchain applications with Hyperledger Fabric and Composer
Develop blockchain applications with Corda R3 and Java
Introduction to blockchain cybersecurity
Software Engineering
Intro to Python programming
Intro to C programming
Practical Java programming
Intro to C++ programming
Practical Golang programming
System Administration
Intro to Linux programming and bash scripting
Database design and database management
SQL programming
No-SQL database design and development
Graph database design and development

List of online self-paced training classes

I- Main self-paced training bundles
  1. Web Design and Development Training Bundle
  2. Complete Blockchain Development Training
  3. System Admin- Complete Training Bundle
  4. Complete Training Bundle for Software Engineers
  5. IT Career Roadmap Explained
II- Web design and development classes
  1. Intro to HTML and CSS
  2. Intro to HTML 5 and CSS3 
  3. Advance HTML5 and CSS3
  4. Intro to JavaScript
  5. Intermediate JavaScript and jQuery with JSON and Ajax
  6. Learn Node.JS, Express.JS and MongoDB
  7. Intro to Angular.JS Framework
  8. Intro to React.JS Framework
  9. Vue.JS Framework
  10. Learn PHP Programming
  11. Intro to PHP OOP
  12. Web Development with PHP & MySQL
  13. Web Design with WordPress
  14. WordPress Customization through Coding
  15. Intro to Joomla CMS
  16. Joomla Customization via Coding
  17. Introduction to Drupal CMS
  18. Drupal Customization with Coding
  19. Web Design with Bootstrap
  20. User Experience Best Practices
  21. Intro to Search Engine Optimization
III- System admin classes
  1. Introduction to Database Design
  2. Learn SQL Programming by Examples
  3. Introduction to No-SQL Database Design
  4. Learn Graph Database Design by Examples
  5. Introduction to Linux OS
  6. Intro to Linux Bash Scripting
  7. Advance Linux Bash Scripting
  8. Linux Management for System Admins
  9. Intro to Cybersecurity
  10. Introduction to Cloud Technology
  11. Learn How to Manage Windows Servers
IV- Software engineering classes
  1. Introduction to Python Programming
  2. Learn Python OOP by Examples
  3. Introduction to Java Programming
  4. Java Programming Intermediate Level
  5. Introduction to C Programming
  6. Learn C++ Programming by Examples
  7. Introduction to Go Programming
  8. Learn Kotlin Programming by Examples
V- Blockchain classes
  1. Intro to Blockchain Technology
  2. Blockchain Management in Hyperledger for System Admins
  3. Hyperledger Fabric and Composer for Developers
  4. Intro to Blockchain Cybersecurity
  5. Learn Solidity Programming by Examples
  6. Introduction to Ethereum Blockchain Development
  7. Learn Blockchain Dev with Corda R3
  8. Hyperledger Sawtooth for System Administrators

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