Advance iPhone and iPad Application Design Course- Level 2

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Advance iPhone and iPad Application Design Course- Level 2

Course Code: hsts-c10

What is included in this course

Course Overview

This level 2 iPhone iPad Application Development course is aimed at developers wanting to learn how to create iPhone Apps. A solid foundation in Objective-C programming is recommended. Topics covered will include designing interfaces for iPhone Apps and the exploration of the myriad GUI tools that come with Xcode- such as Buttons, Switches, Sliders, Page-Controllers, ImageViews, and many more. There will be an in-depth look at some of the built-in App Templates provided with Xcode- such as the Tab-Bar App, the Master-Detail (Drill-Down Menus) App, and the Page-Based (flip-book) App. In addition, students will get hands-on experience using the external libraries that provide additional functionalities to Apps such as MapKit, Sqlite3, MediaPlayer and CoreLocation.  Students are expected to have experience using Apple Mac computers and devices for this class.

iPhone iPad Application Development Level 2 Training Objectives:

Course Prerequisites

- A good working knowledge of Object Oriented Programming using Objective-C is highly recommended.
- Though not mandatory, students are encouraged to bring their own iOS Devices so that they can build and run the Apps on their devices!
- iPhone and iPad App Design with hands-on training- Level 1

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Course Outline

Topics Covered in this Course

1. Persisting Data with Files
-Overview of the iOS Device File Structure
-Reading and Writing Files to the Device
-Creating and Modifying Property Lists
-Bundling Files and Resources with Apps

2. Working with Databases
-Importing the sqlite3 Library
-Creating a Database, writing Tables, Inserting Records into Tables
-Bundling a Database with your App
-Checking for Existence of Databases
-Reading and Displaying Database Data in Apps

3. Animations and Video
-How to use the NSTimer Class
-Moving Objects across the screen
-Animating Arrays of Images
-Playing Video in an App

4. Accessing Built-In iOS Apps
-Using the Email Program
-Launching Safari
-Making Phone Calls from within your App
-Sending SMS messages
-Working with the Photo-Library

5 . Using Web-Services
-Consuming a Web-Service in an App
-Parsing XML
-Consuming and Parsing JSON Web Services
-Integrating Twitter
-Integrating Facebook

6. Working with Maps & Location Services
-Using the MapKit and UIMapView
-Getting & Displaying User Location
-Getting Directional Information
-Displaying Map Annotations
-Displaying Disclosure Buttons on Annotations

7. Universal Apps- Auto-Layouts, Handling Device Rotations, and Size Classes
A. Working with Auto-Layouts
B. Implementing Size Classes
C. Handling Aspect Ratio Constraints

8. Application Life Cycle & View States/Life Cycle
A. Understanding Application States
B. Working with a ViewController’s Life-Cycle
C. Creating Local Notifications

9. Unit Testing
A. Using the XCTest Framework
B. Creating unique tests for specific funtionalities
C. Making Test Assertions
D. Creating performance-measurement tests

10. Submitting to the App Store
A. The iOS Developer’s Center
B. Creating App Certificates, Identifiers and Profiles
C. Archiving the Project
D. Ad-Hoc and App-Store Distribution

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