One-to-One Private Coding Courses

Computer science is key for anyone wanting a career in technology. To ensure your comprehension of fundamental computer science disciplines and learn practical tips and tricks of coding, seek the help of a computer science tutor. From practical applications like software development, networks and systems to algorithms and theory, computer science tutors from HSTS have mastered this subject from some of the top universities in the country.

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Private Course Info


  • One-to-one hands-on training led by experienced instructors
  • Digital course contents
  • Certificate of Completion for each course
  • Session-based assignment

Enrollment Fee

Enrollment Fee

In-person in DC: $50 per hour
Online: $50 per hour


  • Our office (3165 Mt Pleasant St NW DC, 20010) located 2 blocks from the Columbia Height metro
  • Private custom training on site or at your location
  • Project based training cn site or at your location


  • Saturdays or Sundays 9AM-4:30PM (1 hour Lunch)
  • Weekdays 9 AM-9:30 PM

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