Introduction to Microsoft Word 2016- Level 2

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Introduction to Microsoft Word 2016- Level 2

Course Code: hsts-c16

What is included in this course

Course Description

This is the follow-up course for our Microsoft Word Beginner course. You will learn how to apply Styles, Templates, Working with Mail Merge and Macros.

Course Prerequisites

Microsoft Word Beginner course

Follow-up Course

Microsoft Word Advance course

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Course Outline

Topics Covered in this Course

1- Adding Tables

  • Inserting a Table
  • Using Tables to Control Page Layout
  • Table Creation Options
  • Quick Tables
  • Inserting Excel Data
  • Table Navigation Methods

2- Modifying a Table

  • Table Selection Methods
  • The Table Tools - Layout Contextual Tab
  • The Table Properties Dialog Box
  • Inserting and Deleting Rows and Columns
  • Moving and Resizing Rows and Columns

3- Formatting a Table

  • Table Styles
  • Table Fonts
  • The Table Tools - Design Contextual Tab

4- Converting Text to a Table

  • The Convert Text to Table Dialog Box
  • The Convert Table to Text Dialog Box

5- Performing Calculations in a Table

  • Formulas in Word
  • Functions in Word
  • Equations

6- Table Cell Layout

  • Cell Merging
  • Cell Splitting
  • Cell Alignment
  • Text Direction
  • Customizing Cell Margins
  • Setting Table Titles

7- Creating Charts

  • Charts
  • Chart Components
  • Types of Charts
  • Creating a Chart
  • The Chart Tools Tabs
  • Chart Quick Analysis Buttons
  • Changing the Chart Type
  • Editing Chart Data
  • Saving a Chart as a Template
  • The Caption Dialog Box

8- Sorting and Renumbering a List

  • Sorting Types
  • Sorting Fields
  • Sorting Text
  • Renumbering Options

9- Customizing a List

  • Multilevel Lists
  • Increasing and Decreasing List Levels
  • List Styles
  • List Appearance Customization Options
  • List Appearance Formatting Options

10- Inserting Symbols and Special Characters

  • Symbols
  • Special Characters

11- Adding Images to a Document

  • Illustrations
  • Local Pictures
  • Online Pictures
  • Resizing Images
    • Resizing Options
    • Cropping Images

12- Adjusting Image Appearance

  • The Adjust Group
  • Corrections Options
  • Color Options
  • Artistic Effects Options
  • Compression Tools
  • The Background Removal Tool
  • Applying Picture Styles

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