Become Blockchain Certified Solution Architect in 30 hours

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Become Blockchain Certified Solution Architect in 30 hours

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What is included in this course

Course Description

The purpose of this course is to impart students with the knowledge and capability to provide consulting services to organizations to incorporate blockchain solutions into their current and future business models.  Participants will

This course covers Blockchain Foundations and Blockchain Technical Consultant certifications offered by Government Blockchain Associate organization.

Blockchain Foundations Overview

Blockchain Foundations topics provide students with a fundamental understanding of the technology and potential use cases.  The learning objectives are:
Lesson 1:             Introduce the history of bitcoin and blockchain technology.
Lesson 2:             Discuss why cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies are important.
Lesson 3               Provide a basic understanding of cryptocurrencies.
Lesson 4               Provide a basic understanding of blockchain technology.
Lesson 5               Introduce legal and regulatory considerations.
Lesson 6               Discuss blockchain use cases

Blockchain Technical Consultant Overview

Blockchain Technical Consultant topics provide students with a well-rounded technical foundation of blockchain technology to aid them in the technical decision-making process.  It supports the decisions including:
Lesson 1               Collect requirements for a blockchain based solution
Lesson 2               Understand design options, and considerations to make technical decisions
Lesson 3               Understand development platforms to determine platforms and tools
Lesson 4               Understand the testing parameters, and constraints to plan, and test blockchain systems
Lesson 5               Understand and implement post-production controls and support mechanisms
Lesson 6               Be able to transform a concept into a blockchain solution

Course objectives

This instructor-led 30 hour Blockchain Solution Architect course is for technical leaders who need to make decisions about architecture, environment, and development platforms.

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Course Outline

Topics Covered in this Course

a) Blockchain Foundations Outline

i) Introduction to Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies
(1) Why Blockchain is Important
(a) Global Adoption
(b) New Solutions to Old Problems
(c) Disruption
(d) Introduces New Risks
(2) Blockchain History
(a) What is Money?
(b) Financial Crisis of 2008
(c) Bitcoin White Paper
(d) Early Adoption
(e) Blockchain Family Tree

ii) Blockchain Fundamentals
(1) Blockchain Features
(2) Technological Components
(3) Blockchain Protocols
(4) Example Blockchain Protocol (Bitcoin)

iii) Blockchains Use for Movement of Value
(1) Forms of Value
(a) Tokens
(b) Securities
(c) Cryptocurrencies
(2) Tokenomic Ecosystem
(a) Technology Framework (Wallets & Exchanges)
(b) Organizational Framework
(c) Regulatory Framework

iv) Introduction to Smart Contracts
v) Using Cryptocurrency, Tokens, Coins & Ledgers
(1) Cryptocurrency
(2) Tokens
(3) Coins
(4) Ledgers

vi) Blockchain Use Cases
(1) Government Use Cases

b) Blockchain Technical Consulting Outline

i) Basic Blockchain Considerations
(1) Blockchains Can Solve Traditional Problems
(2) Do I Need a Blockchain?

ii) Requirements
(1) Tokenization
(2) Fungible or Non-fungible
(3) Smart Contracts
(4) Data Storage (Permanent or not)
(5) Network Connectivity
(6) Data Security & Privacy
(7) Data Decentralization
(8) Data Immutability
(9) Blockchain Governance

iii) Design
(1) Topology: Distributed vs Decentralized
(2) Permission Arrangements:
(3) Protocol: The set of rules that govern the network
(4) Consensus Mechanisms
(5) Blockchain Platforms
(a) Bitcoin
(b) Ethereum
(c) Quorum
(d) Hyperledger Fabric
(e) Corda
(f) RippleNet
(6) Alternative Platforms

iv) Development
(1) Blockchain Development Wizards
(a) Simbachain
(2) Blockchain Development Languages & Tools

v) Testing

(1) Types of Blockchain Testing
(2) Blockchain Testing Tools
(3) Blockchain Testing Challenges

vi) Deployment

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