Become Blockchain Certified Security Architect in 30 hours

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Become Blockchain Certified Security Architect in 30 hours

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What is included in this course

Course description

This course covers all practical aspects of blockchain security that exist in the blockchain environment today. This course provides a detailed overview of all blockchain security issues, including threats, risk mitigation, node security integrity, confidentiality, best security practices, advanced blockchain security and more.

This course is geared toward:

Existing architects, software developers, system and network administrators who are responsible for implementing, identifying, and managing security on their blockchain network. Also, those who are responsible for, and are required to mitigate, recognize, and resolve blockchain security problems.

Prerequisite and Follow-up courses:

This course covers many technical concepts in cybersecurity, so a good knowledge of cybersecurity, blockchain architecture, and/or programming is highly recommended. If you are not familiar with Linux programming, taking our Introduction to Linux and Shell programming  course is required. Also, taking our Blockchain Solution Architect class is a prerequisite for this course.

After finishing this course, you can take any of the following classes that complement skills you learn in this course:

Course objectives

By finishing this course, you can take away the following:

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Course Outline

Topics Covered in this Course

I- Smart Contract Security

  • Introduction to Smart Contracts
  • Smart Contract Security Considerations
  • Smart Contract Code Auditing


II- Blockchain Risk Assessment

  • Blockchain Risk Considerations
  • Regulatory Requirements & compliance
  • Blockchain Architectural Design and platforms and ecosystem

III- Basic Blockchain Security

  • User Security
  • Node Security
  • Network Security

IV- Blockchain platforms and security

  • Introduction to Ethereum Security
  • Introduction to Hyperledger Security
  • Introduction to Corda Security

V- Securely Implementing Blockchain Applications

  • Business Operations
  • Data Management
  • Infrastructure
  • Legal and Regulatory Compliance

VI- Network-Level Vulnerabilities and Attacks

  • 51% Attacks
  • Denial of Service Attacks
  • Eclipse Attacks
  • Replay Attacks
  • Routing Attacks
  • Sybil Attacks

VII- System-Level Vulnerabilities and Attacks

  • The Bitcoin Hack
  • The Verge Hack
  • The EOS Vulnerability
  • The Lisk Vulnerability


VIII- Smart Contract Vulnerabilities and Attacks

  • Reentrancy
  • Access Control
  • Arithmetic
  • Unchecked Return Values
  • Denial of Service
  • Bad Randomness
  • Race Conditions
  • Timestamp Dependence
  • Short Addresses

IX- Security of Alternative DLT Architectures

  • Introduction to DAG-Based DLTs
  • Advantages of DAG-Based DLTs
  • Limitations of DAG-Based DLTs


X- Advanced Blockchain Security Mechanisms

  • Architectural Security Measures
    • Permissioned Blockchains
    • Checkpointing
  • Advanced Cryptographic Solutions
    • Multiparty Signatures
    • Zero-Knowledge Proofs
    • Stealth Addresses
    • Ring Signatures
    • Confidential Transactions

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