Certified Hyperledger Fabric Developer & Iroha training

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Certified Hyperledger Fabric Developer & Iroha training

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What is included in this course


This Hyperledger Fabric Developer course will provide a deeper understanding of the Hyperledger Fabric network and how to develop and interact with chaincode. It is an essential course for blockchain engineers to build small to large scale blockchain applications in Hyperledger Fabric while following best practices for Hyperledger Fabric scalability, security and performance management. At the end of this course, you learn how to manage, invoke and maintain Hyperledger smart contracts, and much more. We also review Hyperledger Iroha and show you how to create and deploy nodes, transactions and queries in Hyperledger Iroha through Docker.

Important: topics covered in this course shall prepare you for taking Certified Hyperledger Fabric Developer certification exam from The Linux Foundation. We are an authorized training provider for The Linux Foundation.

Note 1: prior to taking this class, you can take our Hyperledger Fabric for system administrators training course which will prepare you for taking Certified Hyperledger Fabric Administrator certification exam from The Linux Foundation.

Note 2: Other alternative programming languages for Node.JS framework are Go and Java. However, we use Node.JS in our normal classes. We offer 1-to-1 tutoring classes for those students who are interested in building chaincodes in Java or Go.

Learning Objectives

In this course you’ll learn how to:


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Course Outline

Topics Covered in this Course

Course Outline

1- Hyperledger Fabric Architecture and Components

  • Peer
  • Ordering service:
  • Fabric CA
  • Fabric ledger
  • Channel
  • Organization
  • Endorsement policy
  • Membership services provider (MSP)

2- Identity Management

  • Instantiate a wallet
  • Import identities to a wallet
  • Select and manage identity from a wallet

3- Network Configuration

  • Create and use connection profiles
  • Instantiate and connect to a gateway
  • Access networks and contracts

4- Smart Contract Development

  • Define smart contract class/construct
  • Define transaction functions
  • Validate and sanitize inputs and arguments
  • Implement deterministic logic/code
  • Simple state interaction (Get, Put, Delete)
  • Execute simple queries
  • Create complex queries
  • Define assets using key value pairs
  • Identify potentially private data
  • Incorporate private data collection
  • Implement attribute based access control
  • Initialization of the ledger state
  • Install and instantiate a smart contract

Lab1- Smart Contract Development in a blockchain supply chain

5- Smart Contract Invocation

  • Invoke smart contracts via CLI
  • Submit one or more transactions
  • Evaluate transaction functions e.g. for queries
  • Query transaction history
  • Call a transaction using transaction class (stateful)
  • Create and issue an application contract
  • Register and handle channel-based events

Lab2- Smart Contract Invocation in a blockchain supply chain

6- Maintenance and Testing

  • Handle error and success responses
  • Identify and review logs
  • Unit test contracts
  • Diagnose and endorse policy conflicts
  • Identify and correct non-determinism in functions
  • Troubleshoot transaction flow

 7- Hyperledger Application Scalability and Security

  • Hyperledger scalability and performance
  • Hyperledger security
  • Hyperledger performance measurement

Lab 3- Hyperledger Fabric application performance improvement

8- Deploy Hyperledger Fabric on Cloud

  • How to set up and deploy Hyperledger on Microsoft Azure
  • How to use Hyperledger on Amazon managed blockchain
  • How to set up and deploy Hyperledger on IBM cloud

9- Hyperledger Blockchain Ecosystem

  • An introduction to the Hyperledger family
    • The framework projects
    • The tool projects
  • Building the Hyperledger framework layers
    • The Hyperledger design philosophy at a glance
    • Framework architecture overview
      • The consensus layer
      • Smart contracts
  • Solving business problems with Hyperledger
    • IBM and Walmart – blockchain for food safety with Hyperledger Fabric
      • The problem
      • The approach
      • The results

The following topics are covered at the discretion of your instructor
10- Introduction to Hyperledger Iroha

  • Overview of Iroha
    • What are the key features of Iroha?
    • Where can Iroha be used?
    • How is it different from Bitcoin or Ethereum?
    • How is it different from the rest of Hyperledger frameworks or other permissioned blockchains?
    • How to create applications around Iroha?

  • Iroha Concepts and Architecture
    • Core concepts
    • What’s inside Iroha?

  • Starting Iroha Node
    • Creating a Docker Network
    • Starting PostgreSQL Container
    • Creating Blockstore
    • Preparing the configuration files
    • Starting Iroha Container

  • CLI guide: sending your first transactions and queries
    • Creating the First Transaction
    • Creating the First Query

Lab 4- Hyperledger Iroha development and deployment

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