Learn Blockchain Ethereum Development & Get Certified in 30 Hrs

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Learn Blockchain Ethereum Development & Get Certified in 30 Hrs

Course Code: hsts-c50

What is included in this course

Course Description

According to Ethereum.org website, “Ethereum is a global, open-source platform for decentralized applications. On Ethereum, you can write code that controls digital value, runs exactly as programmed, and is accessible anywhere in the world.” In this course, you learn how to develop decentralized blokchain applications as well as Smart Contracts (which are programs which govern the behavior of accounts within the Ethereum state) using Ethereum. In doing so, you will use Solidity programming language. Solididy is a Javascript like language, but also resemble C language such as strong typing. We also cover Web3.js which acts as Ethereum JS API. In short, Web3.js is made of a collection of libraries for connecting and interacting with local and remote Ethereum nodes via HTTP, WebSocket or IPC connection.
In this intense 30 hour course, you will also learn how to use Truffle (a popular JS framework) to compile Smart Contracts and automate contract testing. Also, you learn how to build and manage a Wallet Service. Lastly, this course is accompanied by many hands-on labs.
Prior knowledge of blockchain technology and cryptography that are covered in our Blockchain Solution Architect course are required prior to taking this course. Good knowledge of JavaScript and OOP are the other prerequisites of this course.

Target Audiences

Target Course Audience Include:

Course prerequisites

Course Objectives

• Review architecture and components of Ethereum
• What are DApps and how they work
• Cover all topics and syntaxes for doing Solidity programming
• Create and deploy your first DApp using Ethereum
• Learn how Web3.js or Ethereum JS API works
• Setup and use Truffle.JS framework to compile Smart Contracts and automate contract testing
• Learn how to build and manage a Wallet Service

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Course Outline

Topics Covered in this Course

1- Overview of Blockchain, DApp and Ethereum

    • Overview of blockchain technology
    • Centralized versus decentralized networks
    • Decentralized autonomous organization
      • User identity in DApps
      • User accounts in DApps
      • Internal currency in DApps
      • What are permissioned DApps?
      • Popular DApps
    • Overview of blockchain cryptography
    • Blockchain development platforms
    • What is Ethereum and how it works
    • Ethereum versus Hyperledger
    • Hyperledger Burrow & Ethereum

2- Overview of Ethereum Components

    • Ethereum accounts
    • Transactions
    • Consensus
    • Timestamp
    • Nonce
    • Block time
    • Forking
    • Genesis block
    • Ether denominations
    • Gas
    • Peer discovery
    • Whisper and Swarm
    • Geth
    • Ethereum Wallet
    • Mist

3- Introduction to Smart Contracts

    • A Simple Smart Contract
    • Blockchain Basics
    • The Ethereum Virtual Machine

4- Installing the Solidity Compiler

    • Versioning
    • Remix
    • npm / Node.js
    • Docker
    • Binary Packages
    • Building from Source
    • CMake options
    • The version string in depth

5- Solidity in Depth

    • Layout of a Solidity Source File
    • Structure of a Contract
    • Types
    • Units and Globally Available Variables
    • Expressions and Control Structures
    • Contracts
    • Solidity Assembly
    • Miscellaneous
    • Solidity v0.5.0 Breaking Changes

6- Using the Compiler in Solidity

    • Using the Command line Compiler
    • Setting the EVM version to target
    • Compiler Input and Output JSON Description

7- Contract Metadata

    • Encoding of the Metadata Hash in the Bytecode
    • Usage for Automatic Interface Generation and NatSpec
    • Usage for Source Code Verification

8- Contract ABI Specification

    • Basic Design
    • Function Selector
    • Argument Encoding
    • Types
    • Design Criteria for the Encoding
    • Formal Specification of the Encoding
    • Function Selector and Argument Encoding
    • Examples
    • Use of Dynamic Types
    • Events
    • JSON
    • Strict Encoding Mode
    • Non-standard Packed Mode

9- Introduction to Web3.js

  • Initiating of Web3
  • Web3.modules
  • Options
  • Default components
  • defaultBlock
  • defaultAccount
  • defaultGasPrice
  • defaultGas
  • Transaction components
  • transactionBlockTimeout
  • transactionConfirmationBlocks
  • transactionPollingTimeout
  • transactionSigner
  • Provider components
  • setProvider
  • providers
  • givenProvider
  • currentProvider
  • BatchRequest
  • Version

10- Get Started with Truffle.JS

  • Installation
  • Creating a Project
  • Compiling Contracts
  • Running Migrations
  • Interacting with Your Contracts
  • Truffle with MetaMask
  • Package Management via EthPM
  • Package Management via NP
  • Debugging Your Contracts

11- Solidity Hands-on Labs

  • Develop a complex voting application
  • Build voting contract part- Lab 1
  • Build blind auction part- Lab 2
  • Create safe remote purchase part- Lab 3
  • Develop micropayment channel part- Lab 4

12- Creating a Wallet Service

  • Online versus offline wallets
  • hooked-web3-provider and ethereumjs-tx libraries
  • Overview of hierarchical deterministic wallet
  • Introduction to key derivation functions
  • Overview of LightWallet
  • Building a wallet service

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