Introduction to Adobe After Effects Workshop

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Introduction to Adobe After Effects Workshop

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What Is Included in this Live Workshop

After Effects Introduction Training Workshop Description:

HSTS’s Introduction to After Effects workshop will introduce you to the fundamental concepts and features to master the program. Adobe After Effects Creative Cloud provides a comprehensive set of 2D and 3D tools for compositing, animation, and effects that motion-graphics professionals, visual effects artists, web designers, and film and video professionals need. After Effects is widely used for digital post-production of film, video, DVD, and the web.

- An overview to the workspace
- Creating a basic animation using effects and presets
- Animating text
- Working with shape layers
- Animating a multimedia presentation
- Animating layers
- Working with masks

Prerequisites for Attending After Effects Introduction:

Students must have a good working knowledge of computers, operating systems, using a mouse, keyboard, standard menus and commands. Students must be able to open, save, and close applications and files, as well as navigate to other folders.

Job Roles that Use After Effects:

Film and Video Professionals
Motion-Graphics Professionals
Visual Effects Artists
Web Designers

Projects that Use After Effects:

Video Compositing
Motion Graphics Design
Digital Post-Production
Visual and Audio Effects

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Self-paced training

This course is available in a self-paced video format starting at $60. Click here to learn more and register. For complete self-paced web design training, visit our Web design and development bundle page.

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Workshop Outline

Topics Covered in this Course.

1. Getting to Know the Workflow
Creating a project and importing footage
Creating a composition and arranging layers
Adding effects and modifying layer properties
Animating the composition
Previewing your work
Optimizing performance in After Effects
Rendering and exporting your composition
Customizing workspaces
Controlling the brightness of the user interface
Finding resources for using After Effects
Checking for updates
Review questions and answers

2. Creating a Basic Animation Using Effects and Presets
Importing footage using Adobe Bridge
Creating a new composition
Working with imported Illustrator layers
Applying effects to a layer
Applying an animation preset
Previewing the effects
Adding transparency
Rendering the composition

3. Animating Text
About text layers
Creating and formatting point text
Using a text animation preset
Animating with scale keyframes
Animating using parenting
Animating imported Photoshop text
Animating text using a path animation preset
Animating type tracking
Animating text opacity
Using a text animator group
Cleaning up the path animation
Animating a nontext layer along a motion path
Adding motion blur

4. Working with Shape Layers
Adding a shape layer
Creating custom shapes
Creating stars
Incorporating video and audio layers
Applying a Cartoon effect
Adding a title bar

5. Animating a Multimedia Presentation
Animating the scenery using parenting
Adjusting an anchor point
Masking video using vector shapes
Key-framing a motion path
Animating additional elements
Applying an effect
Creating an animated slide show
Adding an audio track
Zooming in for a final close-up

6. Animating Layers
Simulating lighting changes
Duplicating an animation using the pick whip
Animating movement in the scenery
Adjusting the layers and creating a track matte
Animating the shadows
Adding a lens flare effect
Animating the clock
Retiming the composition
Review Questions
Review answers

7. Working with Masks
About masks
Getting started
Creating a mask with the Pen tool
Editing a mask
Feathering the edges of a mask
Replacing the content of the mask
Adding a reflection
Creating a vignette
Adjusting the color
Review questions and answer

Self-paced registration
Registration: self-paced from $60 or live online from $390

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