Dreamweaver training with website development workshop

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Dreamweaver training with website development workshop

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What Is Included in this Live Workshop

Introduction to Dreamweaver Training Workshop Description:

With HSTS’s Introduction to Dreamweaver workshop, create compelling websites and applications for smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers. A streamlined user interface and new visual CSS editing tools lets you code more efficiently and intuitively. This workshop introduces the student to the fundamentals of Adobe Dreamweaver with an emphasis on best practices and current web standards. This training class will also give you the fundamentals you need in HTML/CSS to get you started. Our Adobe certified curriculum aligns with certification:

- An overview to the workspace
- HTML Basics
- CSS Basics
- Creating a Page Layout
- Working with Cascading style sheets
- Working with Templates

Prerequisites for Attending Introduction to Dreamweaver Training Workshop:

Students must have a good working knowledge of computers, operating systems, using a mouse, keyboard, standard menus and commands. Students must be able to open, save, and close applications and files, as well as navigate to other folders.

Job Roles That Use Dreamweaver:

Web Designers
Web Programmers/Developers
Graphic Designers

Projects That Use Dreamweaver:

Creating Responsive Websites

Follow-up Courses

Responsive Site Design with Bootstrap
Beginner Website Design Using HTML and CSS
JavaScript and jQuery Introduction
Cross-platform Native App Development Using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript
PHP Programming Language
Build Dynamic Applications Using PHP & MySQL
SQL Programming and DB Management
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Self-paced training

This course is available in a self-paced video format starting at $60. Click here to learn more and register. For complete self-paced web design training, visit our Web design and development bundle page.

Overall Info About our Workshops


Enrollment Fee

Online live starts from $390

Workshop Session Dates

Our workshops are offered all year around. Upon registration we enroll you to the earliest available class but you can reschedule it free of charge. Location


Workshop Outline

Topics Covered in this Course.

1. Customizing Your Workspace
Touring the workspace
Switching and splitting views
Working with panels
Selecting a workspace layout
Working with Extract
Adjusting toolbars
Personalizing preferences
Creating custom keyboard shortcuts
Using the Property inspector
Related files interface
Using tag selectors
Using the CSS Designer
Element Quick ViewElement View
Explore, experiment, learn
Review questions
Review answers

2. HTML Basics
What is HTML?
Where did HTML begin?
Writing your own HTML code
Frequently used HTML 4 codes
Introducing HTML5
Review questions
Review answers

3. CSS Basics
What is CSS?
HTML vs. CSS formatting
HTML defaults
CSS box model
Previewing the completed file
Formatting text
Multiples, classes, and ids, oh my!
Formatting objects
CSS3 overview and support
Review questions
Review answers

4. Web Design Basics
Developing a new website
Working with thumbnails and wireframes
Creating web assets using Adobe Generator (optional)
Review questions
Review answers

5. Creating a Page Layout
Using the Welcome Screen
Previewing your completed file
Working with predefined layouts
Working with the CSS Designer
Working with type
Creating a CSS background
Modifying existing content
Building semantic content
Positioning elements with Element Quick View
Inserting placeholder text
Inserting HTML entities
Validating HTML code
Review questions
Review answers

6. Designing for Mobile Devices
Responsive design
Previewing your completed file
Working with media queries
Troubleshooting styles across media queries
Using Element Quick View
Adding rules to a media query
Edge Inspect
More information on media queries
Review questions
Review answers

Self-paced registration
Registration: self-paced from $60 or live online from $390

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