Videography Training Workshop

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Videography Training Workshop

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What Is Included in this Live Workshop

Workshop Overview:

In this hands-on Videography training workshop, you can work on the technical and creative side of DSLR video (or any other video camera you may have!). You will learn from an industry expert how to go from pre-production to post-production while working hands-on with real equipment and scenarios. We will start with the design of your story, picking your locations, framing your shots, lighting your shots (if needed), using a green screen, mic’ing your subjects and capturing great footage using your video-capable DSLR (or any other video camera you may have). You will then put all the pieces together while enhancing picture and sound. The end file will be optimized for web and digital delivery.

- Pre-production
- Writing the Script
- Location Scouting
- Production
- Camera Setup
- Lighting the Scene
- Working with a green screen
- Shooting
- Post-Production: Editing demo in Premiere Pro

Prerequisites for Attending Videography Fundamentals for Multimedia Production:

No prior knowledge of videography is required. Basic knowledge and experience in camera usage and computer technology is required. Users with experience in multimedia applications who are moving toward integrating video will gain from taking HSTS’s workshop. It is suggested that students bring in their own camera to class. Students must have a good working knowledge of computers, operating systems, using a mouse, keyboard, standard menus and commands.  It is then suggested as a next step that students register for Premiere Pro Introfor further editing skills.

Job Roles That Use Videography Fundamentals for Multimedia Production:

Multimedia Professional and eLearning Developers that are New to Production

Projects That Use Videography Fundamentals for Multimedia Production:

Video, Web, and DVD Multimedia Development

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Self-paced training

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Online live starts from $390

Workshop Session Dates

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Workshop Outline

Topics Covered in this Course.

1. Pre-Production

2. Writing the script:
What do you want to communicate?
Who is your audience?
How will they get your material?

3. Location Scouting:
Where do you need to shoot?
Do you need lights?
Do you need special equipment (rails, jibs, etc)?
Any audio considerations? Is it noisy?
What about power?
Gear check- right gear for the job
Create an equipment list – What do you need?
Logistics Tech scout
How will this really go?

4. Production

5. Camera Setup:
Best place to be to take advantage of the existing light
Framing the shot – The rule of thirds
Do not cross the shooting “line”!
“M” is for manual – Learn how to set up your camera in manual mode

6. Lighting the scene (3-point lighting the easy way!):
Working with lights
Working with diffusers
Working with reflectors
Where should you put the lights?
GreenScreen lighting

The following topics may be included at the discretion of your instructor.

7. Shooting:
Shooting styles
Working with Talent
When to use an assistant
Working with Audio
Getting the shot
Dynamic Shooting for more interesting footage
When to shoot and when to wait
Time Lapse – best practices

8. Post-Production:

9. Editing Demo:
Media Management – Importing
Basic Editing w/ Adobe Premiere Pro
Multicamera editing in Adobe Premiere Pro
Audio Sync the fast and easy way!
Basic color correction
Basic Effects
Basic Titles
Basic Audio cleanup (Adobe Audition)
Basic GreenScreen Keying
What is a codec and why should I care?
What’s the best way to export for YouTube? Vimeo? Others?
Exploring the Adobe Media Encoder

Self-paced registration
Registration: self-paced from $60 or live online from $390

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